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"Ceramics in Early Modern Maritime Trade in East Asia"

The 40th Anniversary of the Shinan Shipwreck Excavation
- Asia-Pacific Maritime Network and Underwater Cultural Heritage –

National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage, Mokpo, Korea
Oct. 26-27,2016


Lecture series at RUB - Ruhr University Bochum (Germany), summer 2016
Institute for Archaeological Sciences (IAW)
(with Baoquan Song, IAW Bochum):
Archäologie Ostasiens (East Asian Archaeology)


Just published:


Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (BSEAA), Vol 3 (2016)

Starting Over Again: the Early Palaeolithic Research in Japan Today (Fumiko IKAWA-SMITH and SATŌ Hiroyuki)

Edited by Barbara Seyock

Online at


Barbara SEYOCK: Editor's Note

Fumiko IKAWA-SMITH: Introduction to “Starting Over”
KURODA Atsushi 黒田篤史, KIKUCHI Kyōichi 菊池強一, KOMUKAI Hiroaki 小向裕明, TAKEDA Yoshio 武田良夫: Investigation of the Kanedori Site in Iwate Prefecture, Northern Honshū
UEMINE Atsushi 上峯篤史, MATSUFUJI Kazuto 松藤和人, SHIBATA Masaki 柴田将幹: Sedimentological Approach to the Sunabara Early Palaeolithic Site in Japan
WADA Yoshifumi: Lithic Assemblage from the Lowest Layer of Ōno Site, Hitoyoshi, Southern Kyūshū
SATŌ Hiroyuki 佐藤宏之: Recent Research on the Early and Middle Palaeolithic in Japan: an Overview

Crossroads - Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World


Online at
Printed version:

Vol 9 (2014)
Special Issue — Trade and Interaction in Ancient Northeast Asia: Reassessing Archaeological and Documentary Sources
Edited by Barbara Seyock and Angela Schottenhammer

Table of Contents

Barbara SEYOCK

Memories from Abroad: Han 漢 Chinese and Nomadic Heritage in Korean and Japanese Archaeological Contexts
Barbara SEYOCK

Diplomacy from the Grave: Interactions between Western Japan and the East Asian Continent from a Burial Point of View

Distribution of Lead–Barium Glasses in Ancient Japan
Tomomi TAMURA, Katsuhiko OGA

Relationships between Silla 新羅 and Yamato 大和

Comparison of Texts between the Accounts of Han 韓 in the Sanguo zhi 三國志, in the Fragments of the Weilüe 魏略, and in the Hou-Han shu 後漢書

Abstracts (in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean)



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